Half day trips can start in the morning or afternoon and the full-day trips will start early in the morning. You will get the opportunity to catch crappie, catfish, smallmouth bass, black bass, striper, and sandbags. You can choose to catch and release, donate your catch, or have us clean and fillet them so you can take them home! Expect to walk away with enough fish to feed 100+ people! We are here to be your guide, and will help as little or as much as you want. Local knowledge, when it comes to fishing North Texas Lakes, will give you the opportunity to get an experienced perspective and maybe even learn a few secrets about lure selection! Expect action for anglers of all skill levels! 
What Do I Bring?
Snacks and Drinks
Weather-Appropriate Clothes
Your Fishing License
*We will provide life jackets, poles, and bait.