Middlebrooks Guide Service FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions when it comes to a fishing trip with Middlebrooks Guide Service. If you don't find your answer here, call or email us!

Frequently asked questions

What lake options do we have?

We can take you to Ray Roberts, Texoma, Bridgeport, Grapevine, Lewisville, Murray, and Moss. If you want to check out details on those lakes, hop over to the "Waters" page!

Do I get to keep what I catch?

You sure can! Or you can catch and release! You can donate them, or we can clean them for you to pack up and take with you! Your fish, your choice! Be prepared to walk away with enough fish to feed 100+ people!

What do I bring with me?

Snacks and drinks, sunscreen, camera (for your big catch, weather-appropriate clothes, and fishing license. We will provide life jackets, poles and bait!

Do I need a fishing license?

Texas state law requires that you have a license. We get checked by Texas Parks and Wildlife and if you do not have a license on you, will get a ticket and it will be in your name. You can expect this to ticket to cost way more than what a fishing license would cost. You can buy your Texas fishing license from any Wal-Mart, Bass Pro Shop, Cabela’s or online from Texas Parks and Wildlife.

How many people can come along?

The pricing is based on three people. If you want to add people, let us know, and we can do that! It will be an extra $100 per person or $75 for veterans or children under 16.

How do I book?

Call or email us to get your trip booked. There will be a $50 deposit required.

Does the trip get cancelled if it is raining?

Luckily, big fish live under water, so they don't mind the rain. Grab a rain jacket and you will still have a fabulous time! If there is lightning or thunder, we will postpone...while the fish don't mind, we do. It is a lot harder to dodge lightning.

What time do we start?

We will start in the morning at a designated time and place that is convenient for you.

What forms of payments to you accept?

We will accept cash, check, and credit card!

Can I surprise someone with a trip?

Absolutely! We love surprises! Contact us by email or phone, and we will get your gift certificate ready for your loved one!